This summer, I hit the open road. Here's a little background and what you can expect!


If you don't already know me, my name is Kevin Bandy and I bought a 1993 miata 2 years ago and we've gone on so many adventures, but this will prove to be the longest and most exciting! This August, I am off to see the country behind the wheel of my miata (her name is Mary).

My plans are mostly in place for the trip but there will be some changes even still. My first stop will be in North Carolina for an annual miata gathering called Miatas At The Gap ( where i'll run into old friends, make some new ones and have some fun on some of the best driving roads in the US!

Once that event wraps up, ill make my way to another miata annual gathering that will be a first for me, Flyin' Miata's Summer Camp in Grand Junction, Colorado. This will be a long 2 day journey through Kansas as I officially transition into the west where the mountains should start to dominate the landscape.

I'm planning to hit as many great sights that a car guy might want to see and just plain cool spots as well! I'll be trying to make it to Pike's Peak and over to the Bonneville Salt Flats before working my way to San Francisco via Yosemite.

From there I'll have some amazing vistas around the Bay area before I pick up my Dad and we head down the Pacific Coast Highway towards LA! We, of course, won't miss Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on the way and there will be other promising stops along the way that we'll be sure to stop and smell the... ocean and capture those moments as well!

Once in Los Angeles, I am signed up for 2 days at Streets of Willow for a track event similar to what I do here on the east coast. This is a track that is commonly used by car reviewers such as Motortrend, so it will be exciting to get to experience that like the professionals!

My way back promises to be beautiful. I will leave LA and pass through Vegas on the way to my campsite in Zion National Park. I can't wait to see the stars from such a beautiful place.

The Grand Canyon and Antelope canyons are not to be missed and there will be so much else to see even from the straight shot down the highway from there.

Next, I work my way down to Austin, TX and I'll be on the lookout for the only US track for Formula 1 (Circuit of the Americas). I'll make sure to get some good food and maybe a cold one while I'm in town, rest up and then head out in the morning.

The route back takes me down by the southern coast through New Orleans and then back home to Atlanta.


This will by no means be a quick trip, I have 4 weeks and i'll constantly be on the move, but it promises to be an exciting adventure that will truly be unforgettable!


Stay tuned. This site, will be my blog and the central source for everything about the trip. My social media accounts will be chock full of awesome content as well so follow me on instagram, facebook, twitter or my youtube! Sign up for my newsletter to get the most complete content and a regular digest of how it's going :)

Thank you for your support!